Loft Insulation

In an uninsulated home a quarter of your heat is lost through the roof. Insulating your loft is a simple and effective way to reduce your heating bills

It's never been more important to think about insulating your loft. Without proper insulation a lot of the valuable, expensive energy you use to heat your home will be lost through the loft. The recommended depth for mineral wool insulation is 270mm

B Loft insulation is an effective way to save energy and money at home. A well insulated house keeps warmth exactly where you need it - indoors. So, insulating your loft - or topping up any insulation you have already - will help to heat your home more efficiently. Using less energy reduces carbon dioxide emissions (CO2): one of the biggest causes of climate change. You will also save money on your bills too.

What will you save by insulating or topping up your loft insulation?

A virgin loft (no current insulation) insulated with 270mm mineral wool quilt will Save approximately £150 per year. At current rates the investment will be returned In 12 months.

A loft with an existing insulation thickness of around 60mm then topped up to 270mm mineral wool quilt will Save approximately £50 per year. At current rates The investment will have paid for itself in 3 years.

It's then after these periods you enjoy the real savings!!!

Dyson Insulations carry out in excess of 20,000 installations of Loft Insulation a year, for a cross section of customers from private home owners to National house builders.

We are a 'preferred' supplier for most Councils and Major Utilities, and we participate in the Government Warm Front Scheme. Many offer special financial incentives and grant Schemes which you may qualify for.

To find out more on how you can benefit from big savings and possibly take advantage of special grants' available and receive no obligation assessment of your property simply click here.

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